Nursery – Spring Term Planning

The theme for Nursery this Spring term is “On the Move”.

We will explore the children’s thoughts and ideas on this. Our activities and learning will then develop from their interests whilst incorporating the skills of the curriculum.

Alongside our theme ‘On the Move’ we will be learning all about Winter and finding out what happens to us, plants and animals. Our friend Penguin from Lost and Found will be helping us find out where ice comes from and what it’s made of. We will also be using our favourite story books to learn through play. We will be reading book such as Rosie’s walk, Duck in the truck and many more. The children will be retelling stories, role-playing, singing songs, drawing their favourite story characters as well as many mathematic and art activities linked to the stories we will be reading.

Health & Wellbeing

(Personal and Social Development)

• Circle Time – understanding rules and turn taking using our mascot Elmer. We will also be discussing our value of the month January – Co-operation, February – Responsibility, March – Fairness and April – Honesty.

• We will be welcoming new children into our class and making friends.

• We will be working on expressing and communicating different feelings and emotions – there own and those of others.

• We will also be striving to develop the children’s curiosity and develop positive attitudes to new experiences and learning.

• We will be working on becoming independent with occasional assistance.

They will also be developing their awareness of personal safety and knowledge of familiar care routines in the classroom.

Physical Development

• They will be developing their listening skills in order to listen carefully to instructions.

• The children will be playing alone, with a partner or in a small group.

• The children show improved balance and coordination.

• They children will be able to climb over obstacles and pedal appropriately sized tricycles, bicycles and cars.

• Throughout the term the children will also be developing their scissor control.

• Gymnastics PESS using apparatus.

Language, Literacy and Communication


• The children will be conversing simply and asking questions e.g. Why? And how?

• We will be exploring the outdoor environment and the changes that Winter & Spring brings.


• We will be looking at books throughout the week and during our book changing time on a Friday.

• The children will be listening and responding to stories, songs and rhymes.

• They will be encouraged to differentiate between the print and pictures.

• They will also be developing our ability to respond appropriately to stories read to them.

• Jolly phonics letters and sounds phase 1&2 using Jolly phonics s,a,t,p,i,n etc songs and actions.

• Special sound table for show and tell, which focuses on the sound we are learning that week.

• Phonics letter and sounds games using our interactive whiteboard.


• Children will be encouraged to ‘draw’ and ‘mark make’ using a preferred hand.

• Children will be encouraged to use mark(s) to label their own work and will be learning to write their own name.

• Children will be encouraged to trace over large shapes.

• The children will be experimenting with mark making using different media using our writing wall, chalk board, white boards and interactive white board.

Mathematics & Numeracy

• To recognise numbers 1-10 and count 5 objects reliably

• Respond appropriately to key vocabulary and anticipate, follows and joins in with familiar number rhymes, stories, activities and games.

• Children will develop their counting to beyond 10.

• Counting on from any small number.

• One more than.

• Measuring and sorting objects.

Welsh Language Development

• St David’s day songs and celebrations

• Children will begin by following simple instructions and joining in with songs and nursery rhymes.

• They will also be repeating some familiar words and phrases used around the classroom

• Answer questions e.g. Sut wyt ti? Sut mae’r tywydd heddiw? Wyt ti’n hoffi.

Humanities and Science & Technology

(Knowledge and Understanding of the World)

• Children will be developing their confidence in finding his/her way in familiar surroundings both inside and out of the classroom e.g. visiting the hall for gym, Forest school and the outdoor classroom

• The children will be looking at the effects the different seasons have on birds and other animals.

• Materials changing e.g. ice in our water tray.

• Winter sensory work.

• The children will be thinking about what might happen if…

• They will be making observations and developing the ability to make comparisons and identify similarities and differences.

• Children will handle and explore the use of different tools and equipment around the classroom.

• Children will learn to be more confident when communicating and talking about their own work.

Creative Development

• Using our resources in class, children will be encouraged to explore a range of materials.

• Children will be encouraged to respond to open questions about their own and others’ work.

• Children will assemble materials into artefacts that have meaning to him/her.

• To be able to exercise some control in mark and pattern making with fingers and tools.

• Themes covered – Chinese New Year, St. David’s Day & Mothering Sunday.

• Music – the children will be experimenting with different sounds in the inside and outside classroom.

• Creative movement – Dance to some traditional music using variety of movement’s fast, slow, low, and high expressing feelings through a variety of movements.

Forest School

• The children will be working on becoming independent with occasional assistance.

• The children will be developing their awareness of personal safety.

• Taking turns in group turn-taking activities.

• The children will be making pine cone bird feeders, welsh cakes and much more.

Information, Communication Technology

• The children will use ICT in play activities, and respond orally to a range of stimuli including media and texts.

• The children will move words, numbers, letters or pictures on screen for a selected task.

• The children will use different educational games on the whiteboard.

• Additionally, children have the opportunity to use the class i-pad to develop their skills in handling this media.

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