Mrs Barrow’s Year 4 Planning – Spring 2018

Spring term 2018
‘Where we live’ – Year 4

This term, the children’s reading & writing will centre on the following genres:

• Fiction: Narrative- Pie Corbett Story
• Discussion: Why might the Dormouse become extinct?
• Explanation: Science related
These will be linked as much as possible to our topic and will have a Welsh/local focus.
Spelling work will focus on high & medium frequency words and common spelling rules & patterns.
Handwriting practise will focus on correct formation, orientation and joins. The children will also be working on basic grammar, punctuation and sentences.

This term the children will work on the following topics:

Place value

Multiplying and dividing/fraction
Time: tell the time to the nearest minute; use analogue, digital and Roman numeral clocks; use am and pm times appropriately; convert units of time, work out time intervals crossing the hour
Handling data: collect data and organise into bar charts and pictograms
Multiplication and division: Use grid method to multiply a 2-digit number by a 1-digit; use chunking on a number line to divide with no remainders
Division and fractions: Divide 2-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers, just above the 10th multiple with remainders, using written layout; count ins 1/4s, 1/3s, 1/8s and 1/10s saying the equivalent fractions, e.g. 1 ½ not 12/4; find unit fractions and non-unit fraction of amounts
Addition, subtraction and money: Use compact addition to add amounts of money; Use counting up to subtract three digit numbers, e.g. 414 – 278; Find change from £5 or £10, e.g. £5 – 3.78; Find a difference between prices, e.g. £4.24 and £3.78.
Through all topics there will be a focus on solving real life problems and applying skills to solving Maths puzzles. Children will be encouraged to practise their Mathematical skills at home and in school through ‘Times table Rockstars’ and homework.


Compare and contrast two different habitats – Bishop’s Wood and Caswell Beach – identify the plants and creatures found in the habitats using photographs, keys, adults. Make tally charts and take photographs using iPads.
Food chain – question – What would happen if an element was taken out of a food chain? Explain the vocabulary producer, consumer, herbivore, carnivore, omnivore. Discuss feeding relationships within a certain habitat
Make our own food chains


Ogi’n dod i Gymru! (Pip)
Oracy (Llafar) – questions, conversations, reports
Reading (Darllen) -group reading; shared reading; words of songs
Writing (Ysgrifennu) – writing – design a poster for a school trip; recount of the school trip

This term the children will be using the following :

Textease – ‘Databases and spreadsheets’/J2e
Input accurate data into a prepared Database

Add/remove records

Plan their work and Save, Edit & Retrieve

‘Map Detectives’

J2E and JIT – ‘Logo’

‘Google Earth’

iPad app use will be developed to match the subjects and topics being taught. We will be specifically developing the use of Puppet Pals, J2Launch, Pages, QR Reader and Morfo Booth.


Multi Sports Skills
• Small sided games
• Attack v defence
• Fair play
This term the children will be learning the skills & techniques involved in creating a landscape painting. They will be learning about colour mixing and understanding the importance of foreground, background, middle ground and horizon line. We will also focus on the work of a Welsh landscape artist.

Music Express 4
Seashore – create short melodic patterns in response to a given stimulus working alone; play an instrumental to create compositions; singing a variety of songs in both Welsh and English.

Islam – learn about the Islamic faith with a visit from an Imam
Easter – Learn about the true meaning of Easter
Understand that everyone has the right to choose their own religion

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