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Blwyddyn 5- Mrs Griffiths


Summer Term Pupil Voice planning - Magic

smiley Welcome to Year 5.  Our teacher is Mrs Griffiths.smiley


laughCroeso i flwyddyn 5. Ein hathro yw Mrs Griffithslaugh


In our class we believe learning should be fun, engaging and child centred.  Our voice, as learners, is so important to our individual progress and success. yes





Dysgu Awyr Agored

The Impact of Outdoor Learning in Y4/5

Outdoor learning has become an embedded part of teaching and learning in Y4/5.  We have a full day, each week, out and about in the local community and environment enhancing our learning opportunities.  We take advantage of the surrounding beaches, woods and valley. 


On a daily basis, our class target is to take the learning outdoors for at least one activity each day.  Whether it be Maths, Literacy, Humanities or Expressive Arts…if it can be done outdoors, then outdoors we will go!!

The benefits of learning in the outdoors from our experience far outweigh the risks.  There is no such thing as unsuitable whether, just unsuitable clothing.  There are dangers and risks surrounding fire craft, however children learn to risk assess, follow rules and procedures keeping themselves and others safe.  The determination that children are developing using flint and steel to create the initial sparks of a great fire, are reigniting and fostering a new love of learning within our indoor classroom environments.

The impact of our outdoor learning experience are immense.  From co-operation to resilience, the benefits are huge!!  Children who have found challenges within their academic tasks are learning how to be resilient in the outdoors. This then encourages them to face challenges within their day to day class work.  Children are learning to work as a team on outdoor challenges, which then feeds into their group work within the classroom, allowing opportunities for less confident children to take a lead and develop skills in a situation they would have previously found daunting. 


Our learners are developing the skills of self -monitoring, and taking management of their own needs in different environments and situations.  For example, putting on waterproofs, changing footwear, unpacking and packing their own bags and equipment before leaving the classroom, and whilst in the outdoors.  Our children are learning how to use knives and fire lighting tools, appropriately and safely.  Children who were once lagging at the back of the walking line, are now trudging their way through the muddy woods as leaders, and encouraging those further behind!


The response from parents has been fantastic!  Our children are going home and taking the learning experiences home to parents and siblings.  Families are being taught by our children how to make wild garlic bread, where and how to locate areas of significant historical interest and the facts and details that accompany these sites.  Hidden treasures like St Peters Holy well and spring at Bishop’s Wood are being rediscovered and explored.


Our parents have also been joining and supporting us on our Outdoor Learning days, and have been having a ball learning in the outdoor environment with their own sons and daughters. 

Outdoor Learning has, and continues to have a great impact on teaching and learning, and the mental health and wellbeing of the children and adults in our class. 

 The most effective classroom has the sky as it’s ceiling!!



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