Reception / Year 1 – Mrs Ellis

Welcome to Reception / Year 1

Reception Planning – Autumn 2019

The time has come for your child to begin full time in school. This will mean your child will be experiencing some changes to their school lives.

Some young children do not enjoy change. Try and put yourself in your child’s shoes during those early days in a new Reception class.

He/she will experience:-

✓ A new classroom and possibly a new school building.
✓ A new teacher and classroom assistant.
✓ New children as class mates.
✓ New routines and rules to remember.
✓ A playground full of children.
✓ Lunch times as school.
✓ A much longer school day – twice as long in fact.
✓ Getting undressed/dressed without your help.

They are to name but a few changes that your child will be facing in the early days at Reception, so they will need your support! Your child may come home tired and crotchety during those first weeks. Do not expect her/him to sit down happily and give you a detailed account of the day. Try and be patient and make allowances for tiredness. Be interested in anything he/she has to tell you, but don’t worry if at first there seems to be nothing to tell. After a day in school, let your child relax and have tea. You might find that he/she will begin to talk about school later on, perhaps while in the bath or getting ready for bed. If this does not happen, don’t be too concerned. It might take your child several weeks to settle down and be comfortable with the new routines and rules.

What can you do at home to prepare your child for full time school?

As previously mentioned, at first it will seem a long day to your child, so regularly home routines are important. In particular bedtimes and good sleep patterns will help prepare your child for the busy days ahead. We realise. As parents ourselves, that this is sometimes easier said than done, but it is something to work on before your child begins full-time school.

When you talk about school with your child, try and be positive and your child will begin to look forward to coming. Talk about the new teacher and the new teaching assistance in order to familiarise your child.

Here is a list of some of the activities you can discuss with your child. During his/her time in Reception, your child will be involved in:-

Painting, drawing, modelling with dough and clay, playing with water, playing with sand, cooking, playing in the home/role play corner, (it might become a hospital, shop and post office), building with Lego and wooden blocks, tracing pictures, playing games, using a computer/i-pad, P.E, listening to stories and poems told by the teacher, singing together, looking at books, listening to pre-recorded stories, watching T.V programmes etc.

➢ Put your child under any pressure because full-time school is approaching.
➢ Use the new teachers name as a threat.
➢ Worry if your child is not showing interest in drawing and writing.
➢ Be concerned if he/she cannot recognise any letters or read any words.
➢ Worry if your child cannot get dressed and/or use the toilet independently. We understand these problems and we are here to help.
Don’t forget, putting pressure on is likely to turn your child off.

General Routine

Snack Money – Snack is 75p per week, and is payable weekly or half termly via cheque or in a named envelope. For more information about school snack, please visit our school snack page.

P.E Kit – Please send a T-shirt and shorts CLEARLY labelled with your child’s name, in a bag into school. We will keep them for a half term and then send them home.

Lunch time – Hot dinners are paid through SQUID and costs £11.50 per week. For more information about school lunches, please visit our school lunch page. If your child is going to have packed lunch, please send in a suitable lunch for your child in a lunch box/bag.

Drink – A water bottle, in addition to lunch time drinks can be brought in and kept in the classroom for the children to assess at any time.

Clothing – All clothing needs to be CLEARLY labelled, school uniform is encouraged and clothes that the children can manage themselves. E.g. for toileting, changing etc. For more information about school uniform at Bishopston, please visit our school uniform page.

Book Bags – Please bring books bags in on a Tuesday and they will be sent home on a Thursday.

Forest School – Water proof clothing is provided. Please bring in wellies with your child’s name on can be left in school for your child to use. Reception children will go every Thursday morning and Year 1 will go with their year group every other Thursday afternoon.

During the first few weeks, our main aims will be to get to know your child and help him/her settle in to life in Reception. Your child’s happiness is paramount to us. We want school to be a pleasurable, exciting experience, a place that your child enjoys coming to, a place where he/she can relax and be him/herself.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information. We hope it has been useful.
If you have any medical or confidential issues you would like to discuss with me (Mrs Ellis), please let me know so we can arrange a mutually agreeable time.
Most of all we are really looking forward to working with all the children and their families. If we have any queries or concerns about your children, we will ask your advice as you know your children a lot better than we do. We feel strongly that in order for the children to settle well, we need to work together.

Thank You