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Bishopston’s Home School Association (HSA) works hard to raise funds for the school which go towards improving the school in many ways.  Some of the things the HSA have paid for, or contributed to, are:


  • ipads
  • art/graffiti on the front entrance
  • ipads
  • benches on the Junior corridor
  • screens and projectors in the Infant and Junior halls
  • reading books
  • play equipment
  • the fence on the Junior yard
  • the paths around the car park


If you would like to get involved in helping the school raise funds, please contact


Labels for Clothes


If you would like to give a donation to the school, please drop into the office, or use the sQuid link on your phones.


Our HSA receive 30% commission in every order if you use the school code 2074. Fantastic product too that labels everything, no ironing!

HSA Contact

If you have a good idea or a question to put to the HSA please let us know.

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