School Meals

Cinio Ysgol (School Dinners)

Children at Bishopston have the option of having either packed lunches or school meals. Children may switch between packed lunches and school meals from week to week if they wish, but we do ask that they select either one or the other for a whole week at a time.

School meals cost £2.25 per day. All meals are freshly prepared daily, no leftovers are used and we do not re-heat our meals. All meals comply with the Welsh Government nutritional standards. Vegetables and salads are offered to every pupil, every day. Over 80% of vegetables, salad and fruit are sourced from the UK. All eggs are free range and BEIC Lion Quality. Vegetarian and halal options are available daily. With GP referral, special diets can be made available.

We believe that every child deserved a healthy, well balanced diet. A freshly prepared meal at school goes a long way to achieve this.

Download the current school meal menu here –



Bishopston has gone cashless for school meals. Parents can now pay money into their child’s sQuid account online in order to pay for school meals. Please see the instructional videos below for help with setting up and managing your sQuid account.

This handy video shows you how to top up your account.