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ASD -Autism


Bishopston Primary has been awarded the Autism Awareness Award by Autism Wales, recognising the training, that all the school have undertaken to promote understanding of the needs of Autistic learners, and raise awareness.


Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

A neurodevelopmental disorder, which means that it impacts how a child develops. 


Children with ASD have a combination of two kinds of behaviors: deficits in communication and social skills, and the presence of restricted or repetitive behaviors. It’s called a spectrum because individuals with the disorder may have a wide range of symptoms, cognitive abilities, language skills and behaviors.


What is autism?


Signs of a deficit in communication and social skills may include, but are not limited to, a combination of the following:

In younger kids (under 3 years)

  • Failure to respond to their own name
  • Disinterest in giving, sharing or showing objects of interest
  • Aversion to displays of affection
  • Preference for solitary play


In older children

  • Difficulty carrying on a reciprocal or back-and-forth conversation
  • Lack of eye contact
  • Difficulty using and reading body language in others
  • Difficulty recognizing others’ emotions, responding appropriately to different social situations and understanding social relationships
  • Aversion to displays of affection
  • Preference for solitary play


Children with restricted or repetitive behaviors perform repetitive actions and rituals and can become fixated on minute details to the point of distraction.


In addition, they may:

  • Become upset by minor changes in daily routine
  • Line, sort or organize toys or objects instead of playing with them
  • Show a consuming interest in a specific topic or object
  • Have unusual sensory sensitivities


Although there's no cure for autism, early intervention can help kids develop skills and achieve their potential.




If you believe your child is autistic, getting a diagnosis, and a better understanding of their needs, can be a very positive thing.

You may have reservations about pursuing a diagnosis for your child. This is your personal choice, but often a diagnosis can bring a sense of relief and help both you and school staff to better understand your child’s needs and how to meet them. It can also help your child by enabling them to identify with their autistic peers. 



If you are concerned that your child may have ASD and want to discuss it further, please contact the school ALNCo.

Please note we follow a graduated response and if referrals are to be made by school, a period of evidence gathering is firstly required. The referral process is a long and thorough one, which requires observations from external professionals such as the Behaviour specialist teams or Education phycologist. As a school, Bishopston Primary school only get a limited number of appointments with these specialists an as a result, your child may have to wait some time to be assessed by them. Following this referral, if the professionals agree that there is enough evidence to support a referral for ASD, a referral will be made. The process is long and can take several years.



For further information please visit the following websites :











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