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New Parents

If you are a new parent coming to school can be more daunting than for the children! We understand that and have put this page together to help.  Perhaps the most helpful document for you to read is the Prospectus.

If you are looking for a place at the school, we can advise you regarding the current pupil numbers within year groups and classes, however, Swansea County Council deal with the admissions to all schools. 

If there is space in the school, anyone is likely to be able to join.  If you live in the area you will almost certainly be able to join unless it’s considered a safeguarding issue because there is no space at all.


First Day Information


Please don't drive up, always park in the village. If you are coming to Nursery, then walk up path to the right of the school drive, turn left at the end, this building is for Nursery, Reception and Years 1-2 - often referred to as the Foundation Phase or Foundation Learning. The Nursery is on the left hand side, you’ll immediately see the Nursery garden area through the metal gate.


On the first day in Reception or Years 1-2, take the children around the nursery to the playground on the other side of the building for 8:45.  At 8:50, the doors will open and children will go straight in to hang coats up and go to the classroom. This is the daily routine. If your child is distressed, this sometimes happens, touch base with the teacher. Nearly always the best advice is to leave them with the teacher and go quickly. The longer you hang around the more upset the child becomes. Usually a child will calm down within 2 minutes. If we are concerned, we will immediately get in touch.


For the older children in Years 3-6, their playground is behind the coloured metal fence.  When walking up the path, cross the drive at the zebra crossing, and follow the path which will take you around into the playground.  (It avoids children walking through the car park.) Once again, at 8:50, the bell will ring and the teachers will ask the children to line up in their year groups. The teacher on duty will then call out each class to go in.

You will also find helpful information in the Prospectus and the Governors’ Reports to Parents page below.

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