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Grant Funding

ALP – £14,802 


The school makes effective use of their Accelerated Learning Programme Grant (ALP) for the following:


  • Retaining staff to support teaching and learning through the school


PLG – £5,603


The school makes effective use of their Professional Learning Grant (PLG) for the following:


  • Professional Development of teaching staff, to improve knowledge, understanding and implementation of key initiatives to ensure our school is a Learning Organisation.
  • Cover for release of teaching staff to attend training on and offsite in preparation for the new curriculum.
  • To release teaching staff to work in school and on a cluster basis to make best use of resources.


EIG – £98,120


The school makes effective use of their delegated Education Improvement Grant (EIG) funding to successfully improve provision and outcomes for pupils in the Foundation Phase. The school makes good use of this funding to provide teaching support.


PDG – £17,250


The Pupil Development Grant (PDG) is allocated to schools with pupils who come from low-income families and are currently known to be eligible for free school meals (e-FSM) and pupils who have been looked after continuously for more than six months (LAC).


Schools are expected to make the best use of this funding to implement sustainable strategies that will quickly bring about changes for learners eligible for free school meals or who are LAC.


As a school we have agreed the following three steps:


1. to identify the target group of pupils, its characteristics and needs

2. to plan interventions which make the most effective use of resources

3. to monitor and evaluate the impact of resources


At Bishopston Primary use the funding to promote progress and remove barriers to learning for students eligible for this funding. Our plan is agreed and monitored by Swansea Local Authority and ERW.


We have used the funding available to:


  • provide intervention and support programmes that are proven to have the greatest impact and to be sustainable- Toe-by-Toe Reading Interventions.
  • provide specific high quality training for school staff, including: Dyslexia training, Elklan Training, MAPA Training.
  • implement and use data tracking systems to identify learners’ needs, target interventions and monitor impact.
  • provide Digital work in partnership with other schools, the community and other organisations- e.g. Educational Psychologist, Behaviour Support.
  • improve attendance of target group by using interventions.
  • support learners and their families through our Family Liaison Officer, this includes linking families with the Early Help Hub.
  • support learners and their families through paying for fruit, school trips, visiting school companies.


ALN Implementation - £6,404


The Additional Learning Needs Implementation Grant (ALN) has been used to:

  • manage strategic planning of the process to move children and young people to the new system, utilising administrative support where practicable to enable the transfer of mandated year groups within the timescales.

  • deliver person-centred planning with children, young people and, where appropriate, their parents/guardians, to identify need, and plan for appropriate provision to determine if needs can be met through differentiated curriculum, and/or ALP set out in an IDP

  • release and appropriate backfill Additional Learning Needs Coordinators (ALNCos) contact time to undertake duties.

  • consider innovative collaborative approaches across LA’s and clusters to reduce workforce pressures (particularly in smaller schools and settings)

  • enable ALNCos to undertake the ALN professional learning pathway and engage with National Academy or other forums to share and understand effective practice


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