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Health and Wellbeing

Our Health and Wellbeing Committee has members from Y1-Y6. We discuss a variety of subjects such as: anti-bullying, healthy journeys to school, healthy snacks and many more topics.


Our pupil members take turns to lead the meetings and they take the minutes themselves.


The committee is developing positively to include all members of our school.


In our committee meetings we focus on issues relating to our social, emotional and physical well-being. This may include topics such as friendships and bullying, healthy eating and physical activity.


The committee includes children from the Infants and the Juniors and we model our beliefs of cooperation and inclusion by sharing and valuing the suggestions of all committee members.


Recently, our discussions have focused on anti-bullying. During anti-bullying week we decided to run a poster competition and we are planning to share the important anti-bullying messages throughout the year.


  An update on the issue surrounding pupil’s choice of fruits during snack time:


The Committee discussed this at length and the members came to the decision that many varieties of fruit are on offer and to introduce more choices would mean the cost of weekly fruit would have to be increased.


All members voted on keeping the fruit system as it is (for now!).


We are also interested in promoting physical activity and during this year we hope to increase the number of children taking active journeys to school!


The Infant department thoroughly enjoyed their Scooter skills day.  We are now looking forward to the Juniors turn in June and July.



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