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Tim Dysgu

Autumn Term 2023

Team Dysgu are the 'Learning Committee' for our school and our main aim is to ensure that learning is fun and effective for all! 


During the first term we spent time discussing and planning for our new outdoor space behind the KS2 classrooms. We are fortunate to have doors on the KS2 classes that open out onto green space. Team Dysgu want to use this area for learning!


Our first job was to come up with a vision for the outdoor space:



Vision for our Outdoor Classroom


Space to move around and move our bodies

Spaces for animals to live and enjoy

Opportunities to plant and watch things grow

Spaces that are quiet and relaxing

Time to investigate and learn

A space to light a fire and keep warm

A place to delight our senses

A place to design and build


Next we discussed how we could enhance the area to ensure our vision came to life. Here is our list of ideas:


  1. Long grass area 
  2. Wildflower area to attract bees and butterflies
  3. Hedgehog house 
  4. Bug hotel
  5. Bird houses and feeders
  6. Bird watching area
  7. Quiet area for reading/birdwatching
  8. Pulley system
  9. Den building area
  10. Bug mats/log pile
  11. Compost area/wormery

Spring term 2024

Team Dysgu have been busy working on their objectives from last term. We have planted bulbs in the outdoor area and made plans of where our long grass section and animal habitats should be. 


Promoting Reading

We also have spoken about how much reading for pleasure helps children learn and how much fun it can be! We have created a hashtag #bishopstonbookworms and we are gathering book reviews from pupils and are posting them onto the school social media site. We hope this will encourage pupils to read at home and give them ideas for books to read.


Coffee Morning

We have lots of important initiatives in our school that help keep us healthy, safe and ready to learn. We are proud of all we do and Team Dysgu shared these initiatives with our parents in a coffee morning. They did a great job and evan had a round of applause at the end!




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